oct 2021 Narita Airport COV-19 entry 10月成田空港へ入国 検疫

At the beginning. I entered Narita Airport from Spain on October 3, 2021. Since it was a Qatar flight from Doha, there are connections from many countries such as Germany, Paris, the Middle East, and the United States, and foreign countries have been waiting a lot of time for quarantine to COV-19 in Japan. I heard everyone's dissatisfaction.
初めに。 2021年10月3日にスペインから成田空港に入りました。ドーハからのカタール便だったので、ドイツ、パリ、中東、アメリカなど多くの国からの乗り継ぎがあり、海外も待望されていました。 日本のCOV-19への検疫のための時間の。 みんなの不満を聞いた。

To enter Japan, I made a reservation in advance at Terminal 4 of Madrid Airport and obtained a negative certificate. I knew from October about the mitigation of quarantine when entering Japan from Japanese news, but many foreigners do not carry a vaccine passport, and the mitigation from October Many did not know.
日本に入国するために、マドリッド空港の第4ターミナルで事前に予約し、否定的な証明書を取得しました。 日本のニュースから入国時の検疫の緩和については10月から知っていましたが、外国人の多くはワクチンのパスポートを持っておらず、10月からの緩和については多くの人が知りませんでした。

If you make a reservation in advance to get a negative certificate in Madrid, you can get the result in about 40 minutes waiting time.

The above pledge will be distributed on board Qatar Airways, but please note that the documents were ordered to be rewritten as of July 2021 and the latest version at Narita Airport in October 2021.
Everyone gets off the plane, and the first person to get off, regardless of business class or economy class, has to wait for the last person to get off, which takes about 40 minutes.
After that, it will take about 30 minutes to wait for each country of departure and receive an explanation. Again, foreigners who knew the speedy quarantine process for COV-19, such as Spain, complained.
If the Japanese government does not improve the waiting time, it will be isolated from the world due to the old response of the Japanese government to other countries.
For example, the elevator switch used in quarantine is also a contact type and you have to press the button.
In Japan, various subsidies should have been issued by the Japanese government, but unless the elevator used for quarantine at Narita Airport, which is the gateway to Japan, is changed to a non-contact type, Japan will have an image of a developing country. Will feel.
Now that JAL and ANA have introduced touch panel operations that cannot be touched with fingers, I was embarrassed why Narita Airport did not.
日本では、日本政府から様々な助成金が支給されるべきでしたが、日本への玄関口である成田空港の検疫用エレベーターを非接触型に変更しない限り、日本は発展途上国をイメージすることになります。 。感じるでしょう。

The Japanese government does not treat passengers as people. Please be aware that the flight from Doha is 11 hours above the ground and the aircraft is shaking, causing mental tension and tiredness, and physically and physically tired passengers.
The Spanish quarantine allows you to enter the country in 15 minutes. Those who are ill or in wheelchairs The entire process of quarantine walks considerably. Even though the moving walkway is moving unmanned in the opposite direction, we returnees cannot ride it.
This is also very dissatisfied by foreigners, so I would like you to improve it.
I understand that Japan is very late in entering COV-19, and I have stated here that collecting information through the embassy before entering Japan may alleviate your dissatisfaction.
I also apologize as a Japanese.
And I hope it will improve.
Have a nice trip.
日本政府は乗客を人として扱っていません。 ドーハからのフライトは地上11時間で、機体が揺れているため、精神的な緊張や倦怠感、そして身体的および肉体的に疲れた乗客を引き起こしていることに注意してください。
スペインの検疫では、15分で入国できます。 病気の人や車椅子の人検疫の全過程はかなり歩きます。 動く歩道は無人で反対方向に動いていますが、帰国者は乗ることができません。

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